My experience in the movie sector started in 1984 when I use to work for  the little production company covering technical and organizational roles.

In that period we made various jobs for major clients like RAI and Mediaset.

Music videos: Alice, Battiato, Van Halen, Lucio Dalla, Umberto Tozzi, Pino Daniele, Alan Parson, Rokets and others.

Documentary for Regione Lombardia.

Later on, I cooperated with the same company for the production of commercial film

From 1988 onward I use to work as keygrip freelance cooperating with the major Italian production companies like  Film-Master, BRW, Movie Magic, Acca Film, Orlando Film, Bedeschi Film, Showork, Avana and many others.

I made experiences with may talented well-known directors  like  Dario Piana, Ermanno Olmi, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Giuseppe Tornatore, Alessandro Dalatri, Roman Polaski, Jan de Bolt, Daniel Barber and others.

During my job experience I had the chance to strongly improve my knowledge about the use of technical assets and tools: Crane, supertecnocrane, skyking, tulipcrane, jmmy jib, fisher dolly, cameracar, remote-head, …

As a result of this, my current skill is really appreciated by many rental companies like  Movie People, Nane, Tecnovision.